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    Jon Stewart Mocks ‘The Global Warming Hoax’

    by Ada
    watch the global warming hoax

Jon Stewart is an American television host, political satirist, and stand-up comedian. He is widely known as the host of Daily Show, a program that takes a reality-based look at the news, trends, culture, current events and politics. Joe Stewart and his team make comments on the news happening on that day blending with his humor and irony. Jon Stewart has a typical saying that he is uncomfortable talking without hearing the audience laugh. He thinks the goal of Daily Show is sch-nicks and giggles. He always works hard toward this goal and that’s why Daily Show becomes more and more popular.

Not long ago, just in previous days, America has experienced the frigid weather--the snow storm, which has brought great damage to Americans. Some pundits announced that the snow storm was caused by global warming. Jon Stewart thought it was funny. Don’t you think it is funny? What a comic reason. In this video, not only can you find his hilarious micro expressions, but his humorous languages, filled with irony and satire. You cannot help laughing by his unexpected lines and his expressions, yeah, that is what he wants --to make you laugh and feel fun. When you watch this video, just laugh but be careful about your stomach, otherwise, you will make him feel disappointed and sentimental. Besides, by watching this video, you can think about the question--does the unprecedented snow storm have connection with global warming? Maybe you can have an interaction with Jon Stewart if you can find his Facebook, blog or some other ways as long as you can contact him.

Watch now

This video is really worthy of watching. I strongly recommend this video. Without watching his video, you life is not an entire one (Do you believe it?lol). So just watch it, you will not feel disappointed. Just click, click and click.

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